1952 Crosley custom conv.

Here is a 52 Crosley convert that has been customized rather nicely.  The seams are filled, a short deck has been added, a first rate custom top fitted, and the interior very nicely and correctly redone.  Power for this car is now a late HC cast iron engine, new 9 inch brake wheel cylinders, tube shocks, and a freshly refurbished radiator.  I still have a few details to work out, but the car drives OK except for some handling issues.  Maybe a loose or a broken spring

in the back, the front checked out fine.  The paint is an amateur job at best, but covers well.  There is a small dent below the left taillight, visible in the picture above, and the fit of the doors and hood is not very good, not that the Crosley was a precision built car either.  Taillights are Ford Cortina we think, most everything else is stock Crosley. 

This is a really cute little car and there are more pictures of it on page 2.

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