Crosley Links:

These are a few of the suggested links to other web sites we have found.  If you wish to add a link to your web site, please e-mail me at the North Star Region.

The Crosley club is a treasure trove of information for the Crosley collector.  The site is full of pictures from annual meets, parts suppliers, other regions, Crosley history, and provides link to much other useful Crosley information.  Remember, you must be a member of the national club for membership in the North Star Region Crosley Automobile Club

Crosley Corporation

This a link to the current Crosley Corporation, selling major appliances, electronics, and some of the most desirable reproduction radios, phonographs, and phones you'll ever see.  See your local Crosley dealer.


Minnesota Car Clubs Association

Minnesota has a council of car clubs that represent almost all the hobby clubs in the state.  This Autoswalk web site will let you gain information on any member club, and provide a lot of general car hobby information.

The keeper of this web site is an avid car collector who does not know when to stop.  However he is also married and his wife has definite ideas of how much of a good thing is too much.  So; cars are for sale! 

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